Our Team

SAS Futures’ engineers are a group of dedicated and diverse, interdisciplinary team led by experienced, and visionary management.

They are well-experienced experts in their respective disciplines. They work together to provide a comprehensive solution to meet client’s objectives. The team comprises of engineers who have worked on multiple projects in diverse industries.

SAS engineers are available 24/7 (if required) via Microsoft Teams and around the globe, providing a collaboration tool for solutions to all types of project challenges.

Our experienced team of creative and technical experts has the know-how and flexibility to take on new challenges, find innovative solutions, and realize the full potential of each project. Our team is committed to building strong relationships with our clients and collaborators throughout the entire process.

Engineer 01

Consultant Civil Engineer

Over 35 years of experience in the Middle East and Indian construction management organizations especially in the field of Pre and Post Procurements which includes Estimation, Quantity Surveying, Budgeting, Value Engineering, Tendering, Contracts, Change Orders, Billings, and Arbitrations.

Engineer 02

Head of Civil Department

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Engineer 03

Sr Consultant Civil Engineer

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Engineer 04

Senior Civil Engineer

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